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The Dabbing Specialists crew made your oil rig selection easy! Pick from one of our complete glass dab rigs that are already bundled up for your dabbing success. Most in the dab community choose to use one dedicated rig (AKA Dab Rig, or Oil Rig) to consume their concentrates. Vaping concentrates requires a dab rig with less drag, or friction, on the airflow as it travels to you. Our  is melted in the USA, Type 2, and 99.4 pure!


  • Glass Dab Rigs
  • Hybrid nails - Quartz & Titanium
  • 99.4% Pure Type 2 USA Melted Titanium

Our entire collection of hybrid nail kits have amazing heat retention and the ability to use them with a flat heater coil from an enail controller. They can also be used very well with a torch! They can also be used very well with a torch! A heater coil and enail controller are not included.


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