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The Dabbing Warehouse Team

"Wholesale Prices to the People"

Meet the dabbing specialists Team!

Gary our owner and founder, sold his successful aerospace company in 2016 and had a serious personal passion for dabbing cannabis concentrates. He immediately started manufacturing our titanium nails using US Type 2 titanium. He also designed and oversaw the production of our custom enail controllers, all from our shop in Southern California. Gary's experience in CNC machining and manufacturing now sends people to the proverbial moon, rather than crafts to Mars!

Andy our internet technology specialist and project manager, met Gary through good vibes and friendship with Gary's son-in-law. Andy hosted Gary's aerospace company website in the past, and is also a longtime diehard cannabis lover. When presented with the opportunity to build out Gary's e-commerce sites and manage the overall project, he jumped at the chance!

Holly is our shipping manager and customer service specialist! She makes sure your package is sent out correctly with the utmost care. She'll be available to help you every step of the way! Give Holly a shout on our LiveChat app if you need any assistance.

The Dabbing Warehouse Team Members: [From Left to Right] Holly, Shipping & Customer Service, Gary, Founder & President, Andy IT, DevOps & Project Manager