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Hybrid nail dabbing kits have quickly become a favorite in the concentrate community. Many love the clean taste quartz dish provides, with the convenience of a flat heater coil heating up quickly using an enail controller. Others highly enjoy our titanium hybrid nail kits with our deep or shallow titanium dish nails. Here you'll find both!


  • Amazing heat retention
  • Hybrid nail kits - Quartz & Titanium
  • 99.4% Pure Type 2 USA Melted Titanium
  • Carb Cap Dabbers

Our entire collection has the ability to use them with a flat heater coil from an enail controller and well as a good ol' torch.  While you're here, grab a Carb cap dabber, must-have tool when using hybrid nail kits which assist you in taking lower temperature dabs with great flavor and maximum efficiency, and it extends the life of your wax and oil.


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