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Pitcher's Mound Quartz Banger

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Description for Part Number 6185

25mm Quartz Banger

This 25mm Pitcher's Mound Quartz Banger is sure to be a homerun! With a deep, 5mm+ opaque "pitcher's mound" retaining that heat like pearls, you'll be able to enjoy those nice low-temp dabs you're looking for. Combine the opaque mound with the 4mm thick, clear bottom, and your cooldown times will increase leading to nice, long, low-temp dab finishers! The deep beveled edge flat top allows your carb cap to seat well making a nice seal. Play ball!

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Heat Retaining Thick Opaque "Pitcher's Mound"
  • Opaque Mound (5mm+ Tall)
  • 3mm Thick Bucket Walls
  • 4mm Thick Clear Bottom
  • ID 19mm (Inside Diameter)
  • OD 25mm (Outside Diameter)
  • Flat Top, Deep Beveled Edge
  • Super Beefy Banger!
  • 14mm Male ONLY