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Glass and Nail Rigs - Ti Nails

Looking to start dabbing with a titanium nail kit, but maybe you're not quite sure where to start? the dabbing specialists made your titanium dab rig selection easy! Our team has bundled one of our glass dab rigs with some of our top-grade titanium nailsTitanium requires a bit longer heat-up time when compared to quartz nails but has superior heat retention. Titanium nails are nearly indestructible and should last years with a little care.

Product Collection Highlights

99.4% Pure, Type 2 USA Melted and Machined, Medical-Grade Titanium, Clean Taste, and Superior Heat Retention, Portable Dab Rigs, Engineered & Tested Kits

    Every dab rig in this product collection has a dab bubbler, a nail, a nail body, and a carb cap. All of these kits use titanium nails and PID temperature controllers, also known as an eNail. Electronic Dabs! You will need an "eNail" to heat up your titanium nail. Yes, it is possible to heat up a titanium nail with a torch, but we don't recommend that. We prefer you have the best experience possible with your concentrates. Our dab rig bubblers are engineered to deliver a smooth, consistent, well-diffused dab, and you will go right with all of the kits displayed below. Take a look and find one that fits your style and dabbing needs. Order one today and get tastier, more consistent dabs!