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Titanium Nail Kits, Carb Caps & Dabbers

Titanium dab nails are very popular for use with legal concentrates and are nearly indestructible, lasting many years. We machined our titanium nails, nail bodies, carb caps, dab sticks, and other hardware out of the purest 99.4% Type 2 Medical Grade available! This makes all of the difference! We've ensured it's the healthiest and best 'tasting' titanium you'll use. If you've been around dabbing awhile, you've likely 'tasted' subpar titanium during a dab. This is due to a lack of purity in the titanium. Unlike glass nails, titanium nails won’t shatter when dropped or misused. Titanium requires a bit longer heat-up time when compared to quartz nails, but as a trade-off, it has superior heat retention.

Product Collection Highlights

Our Legendary 16-Hole, 16mm Titanium NailTitanium Nail Kits - [For 16mm/20mm/Flat Coils], Titanium Carb Caps [1-Hole/2-Hole/3-Hole], Titanium Dab Sticks [Scoop Ball/Claw Shovel], Quartz Nail DishCarb Cap Dabber [Hybrid Nails]

    Our 99.4% pure Type 2 USA melted and machined titanium tastes so clean! We dare you to compare; it's a no-brainer! Grab yours today.