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Titanium Carb Cap, 2-Hole

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Description for Part Number 2202

  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium 99.4% Pure, Melted in the USA!
  • Fits Domeless Nails, Sizes .50, .625, .75, .875
  • 10-24 Thread for Dab Stick Connection.
  • Engineered, Designed, and CNC Machined in the USA!
  • Deburred and Sterilized Using a Special Process.

This Is the Finest Titanium Carb Cap Made:

  • The Bowl Is Designed To Hit Smoothly With A High Velocity.
  • The 2 Holes Drilled At An Angle, Meet Together In a Single Hole On the Bottom Of the Opposite Side, Causing A “Vortex Effect” and Super Positive Air Flow.
  • Dabs Taste Better and Last Longer!
  • Fits All the dabbing specialists' Dab Sticks, PN 4101, 4102, and 4103 Titanium Made In the USA.
  • Use With PN 2101 the dabbing specialists' Custom 16-hole Titanium Nail Made In the USA.
  • Use With PN 5101 the dabbing specialists' Custom Enail Made In the USA.

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