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Description for Part Number 5101

TDS Custom e-Nail

The Dabbing Specialists' pride and joy is our Custom TDS Enail Controller, which is handcrafted at our shop in Southern California. We offer a three-year warranty on this amazing e-Nail. We also have the finest imported e-Nail controllers offered at lower costs, and they're provided with a one-year warranty honored by us. We also carry three different-sized heater coils for use only with our imported, non-custom e-Nail controllers.

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  • Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured In the USA
  • CNC Machined Chassis
  • Special Anodized Coating, Double Sealed
  • Hand Soldered Wire Connections
  • Special P.I.D. Temperature Controller with Built-in Solid State Relay
  • Built-in Safety Fuse for Protection
  • Nickel-plated coil Heater Receptacle
  • 5-Foot Power Cord
  • Built-in Power Cord Receptacle
  • Temperature Preset to 800° (The Recommended Temperature for Dabbing)
  • Custom On-Off Button
  • Special Silicone Base Feet, that Sit Flat & Won’t Slip, Holds firmly to the Surface it Sits On.

Comes with a Custom Coil Heater of your choice: Flat Coil Heater, 16mm Coil Heater, 20mm Coil Heater, 25mm Coil Heater, 30mm Coil Heater

  • Made with a Special Silicone Sleeve – This Is the Best Sleeve Made, it Won’t Kink, Twist, or Lose its Shape. It is very Ergonomic, Comfortable, and Easy To Use
  • 110V, 120W, 5-Pin XLR Connection
  • Nickel-Plated Connection
  • Made In the USA

        Customer Reviews

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        L Dean
        Great eNail

        The current 20% discount COVID-19 pandemic discount made replacing my temperamental Chinese built eNail very attractive. Having used DW’s eNail for about 2 months I’ve found that while it may be a bit larger and slower to heat, it’s performance is far superior. In my opinion, accuracy, safety and reliability beat speed. An added safety benefit is the fact that it has a very handy and assessable electrical fuse. Due to having lived in Asia for 3 years and constantly experiencing the frustration of purchasing products that appear perfect but fail to preform as promised and presented a serious safety risks. I would have saved myself a lot of frustration, waisted oil and money had I bought this US made DW eNail from the start.

        I paired my DW custom eNail with a 25mm R-pin Banger with a SIC insert. I find the r-pin banger best for my severely crippled arthritic hands because I don’t have to remove the banger after every session to clean. Constant handling caused me to break many expensive bangers. Also, in the past, I’ve had throat burn and coughing fits while inhaling if the temperature is over 400F. The insert calms the smoke down to the point your not sure things are functioning properly because your throat is not burning and your not coughing. In the future I may be able to utilize the benefits of higher temps with much less unpleasantness with the DW custom eNail. This is a superior eNail.

        Excellent customer service as well!

        L. Dean, we're glad you're enjoying the enail that we manufactured in Southern California! It was a labor of love. I understand how the R-Clip E-banger is helping keep things easy for you, that's a great thing and we're glad to hear it.