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Pocket Nectar Collector

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Description for Part Number 7406

Dabbing Pocket Tech! This kit latches closed and easily fits in your pocket or purse, providing you with the simplest and most convenient mobile way to dab anywhere. Heat the business end of the nectar collector straw to quickly dip in, and dip out of your wax container. Besides the three-piece honey straw, this complete nectar collector kit includes two silicone dab containers, a small pipe brush, and a micro dab tool, all perfectly sized for use with this nectar collector pocket tech kit!

Product Details:

  • Nectar Collector Materials: Food Grade Silicone, Titanium, Glass
  • Case Dimensions: 5.25 x 3 inches
  • Heat Nail End With Torch, Dab Nail In And Out of Wax
  • Super Portable & Handy
  • Easily Cleaned

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