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Hybrid Terp Slurp Blender

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Description for Part Number 6294

Hybrid Terp Slurper

This 20mm Hybrid Terp Slurp Blender combines a terp slurper style tray with the body of a blender channel slurp. Our staff members are enjoying this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean nail! The airflow and design devour our dabs in a pleasant way. This is one of our hottest releases this summer, give one a try.

Purchase Only Includes: (1) 14mm Male 20mm Hybrid Terp Slurp Blender

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Thick 2mm Walls
  • Bucket 20mm OD [Outside Diameter]
  • Bucket 16mm ID [Inside Diameter]
  • Tray 35mm OD [Outside Diameter]
  • (3) Angled, Terp Blending, Spiraling Air Slits
  • Clear Terp Slurper Style Tray
  • Beveled-Edge Flat Top
  • Clear Joint
  • Easy to Clean!
  • 14mm Male ONLY

*Photographed with two 6mm Blue Crystal Terp (Dab) Pearls and one 25mm Terp Slurper Marble!

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