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45-Degree Thermochromic Banger

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Description for Part Number 6206

45° Thermochromic Quartz Banger

This 45-degree thermochromic quartz banger is a deal for you dabbers with angled pipe joints. A thermal banger with an inner chamber that retains heat exceptionally well. The color-changing crystals around the thermal chamber color shift from light to dark (yellow to red) as the banger temperatures heat up. When the color shifts from a bright yellow to a deep reddish color, you know your quartz banger is ready for action. This dab tech gives you a handy visual to gauge your favorite temperature zone. After some time, you'll learn exactly which shade of red you like to drop your dabs into.

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • 45° Neck
  • Color Changing Temperature Gauging Quartz Crystals (Sand)

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