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"Cleaning Your Banger Just Got Easier."

Description for Part Number 7422

Use Instructions & Tips By Andyman:

*Isopropyl Alcohol and its fumes are flammable! Keep your banger basket away from your torch and dabbing station! Use a separate location! Keep the lid on the Banger Basket to prevent fumes and evaporated ISO from escaping the Banger Basket.

1) Fill the Banger Basket with 91-99% Isopropyl Alcohol. [It should be a little lower than the top of the inner plastic trays.]

2) Take your dab with a clean banger!

3) Remove your banger and let it cool to about 300° F before laying it into the large side of the Banger Basket. Leave it there soaking until you want to dab again!

4) Remove your banger from the large wash bath and dip it in the clean, small side of the Banger Basket to rinse off the banger.

5) Now, slap that perfectly clean banger into your microfiber towel, wipe it off, and absorb ALL the isopropyl alcohol. Let the alcohol evaporate while you wipe it off. Set it down for a few moments to allow for ISO evaporation.

6) Inspect your banger and take your next perfectly fresh dab!

  • Start with a clean banger [Clean/New]
  • Always wait until your banger cools to about 300° F before putting it into the large side of the Banger Basket. Don't melt the plastic!
  • Keep a microfiber towel next to your Banger Basket for drying.
  • Make sure NO alcohol is left behind after you dry your banger.
  • Each basket has a plastic finger pinch tab so you can lift & lower the baskets.
  • Each basket can be turned 90° so you can rest the basket over the glass.
  • Use a turkey baster to transfer and reuse the cleaner ISO from the small rinse side in the larger wash side.

Made by our Canadian friends at Banger Basket!

From the Banger Basket Website:

"You wouldn’t eat off a dirty plate – so why dab off a dirty banger?

The dual dunk Banger Basket was created to allow your nail to soak in the large side, and then rinse off your banger on the “clean” side before using it, much like rinsing your dishes after washing them. This gives an extra chance to rinse your banger of any excess oil before heating it up, reducing the chance of chazzing, and extending the life of your banger!

Created by dabbers, for dabbers.

Back when Slurpers were first getting popular, our founder @LeGrowCreativeStudios was looking for a way to keep their banger clean and started dunking his Slurper in 99% ISO after a fat glob. Noticing that the ISO dirtied fast, he started using a “Dual Dunk” system, and the idea for Banger Basket was born.

Our product became an overnight success and began selling out as fast as the Toro Slurpers themselves. After a year and a half of 3D printing thousands of baskets and tweaking our design, we are happy to present our first manufactured model with injection molded baskets!

Banger Baskets was created by dabbers for dabbers and was the first dual dunk station on the market. Thanks for the support getting us here, we are so stoked to keep grinding to bring you the best ways to keep your quartz clean on the market! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest updates and products."

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