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Bubble Carb Cap

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Description for Part Number 6338

Big-Bore Bubble Carb Cap

Bubble Carb Caps are a favorite among dabbers who use quartz bangers. These directional bubble carb caps allow you to move the cap around to ensure you vaporize all of your wax. The big-bore down piece design allows you to evacuate your vaped wax quickly with less back pressure. Give this Big-Bore Bubble Carb Cap a try!

Product Details:

  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • A large, big-bore centered directional airflow down piece
  • Rotatable to move oil and increase vaporization
  • Lowers vapor temperatures
  • Slows oil consumption
  • Works on 16mm to 25mm Bangers & E-Bangers

*The colors vary on these quite a bit, but the pattern remains pretty similar.