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Clear E-Banger Spinner Carb Cap

Clear E-Banger Spinner Carb Cap

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Description for Part Number 6376

Our Clear E-Banger Spinner Carb Cap is a perfect cap for our e-bangers with small coil diameters. Use this cap to spin, and I do mean spin a pearl in our 16mm or 20mm e-bangers! This cap is specifically recommended for use with those only. It may also work well with other bangers, but we can't be sure. One of these will spin your 6mm Ruby Terp (Dab) Pearl very well due to the small diameter bucket and the caps' stubby single air nozzle working very well together. This Clear E-banger Spinner Carb Cap has a wider footprint and a more voluminous inner cap compared to our other e-banger spinner cap. Either of these three will move a pearl or two very well in a 16mm or 20mm e-banger!


Type: Unknown Type