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Dabber Tool Set All-In-One Case

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Description for Part Number 6670

This is an all-in-one Dabber Tool Set with a case that helps you get serious about your dabs, cleanup, and banger maintenance. We've selected a strategic variety of dabbers, knives, scrapers, and scoopers meant to get the job done right. The cleaning brush works great in our terp slurpers and quartz bangers! All of the dab tools and brush zip up nicely in their pseudo leather case for storage and mobility.

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Includes (5) Double Sided Dabber Tools
  • Two Spatulas, Thin Flat-Head, Two Spade Shovels, Two Concave Scoops, Flat Scraper, Scoop Ball, & a Dainty Dimple Scoop
  • Includes (1) Stiff, Nylon Cleaning Brush (Works Extremely Well In Terp Slurpers)
  • Range of Tool Length 4-5 inches
  • Super Portable & Handy
  • Includes (1) Zippered Case
  • Easily Cleaned

Every angle is covered with this Dabber Tool Set All-In-One Case!


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