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Vortex Valve Bucket Slurper Kit

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Description for Part Number 6259

Take your terp (dab) pearls on a serious ride with this conical beauty. We've combined a vortex design with an open valve bucket concept that's going to be worth every penny you spend. The function of this unit is amazing. Spin floating your terp pearls up and down the conical path which spreads out the heat along the surface area. Your wax stays where it belongs and isn't lost down the neck. Check this function out!

This Full Weld Vortex Valve Bucket Terp Slurper spin floats multiple pearls around, up, and down the lower conical VacTube that meets the tray! We've learned that our Blue Crystal Dab Pearls get hotter and therefore remain less sticky and cleaner as you dab. Give those a try!

This Kit Includes:

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