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Spinner Carb Cap

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Description for Part Number 6353

Our new Mega Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap has the same amazing design as the original, smaller one, but boy does it majorly increase the air intake and spinning power inside of the banger. In comparison to our original Cyclone Cap, this Mega Cyclone has a taller and wider air chute along with a wider cap that sits atop the banger. We manufactured this one specifically to get terp pearls spinning in our 25mm30mm, and 35mm bangers! This riptide-inspired carb cap has multiple airflow channels that rotate the incoming air into a cyclone, spreading and stirring your oil and vapor.

We have images of both of our Cyclones together, and the Mega Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap featured on top of our 30mm Opaque Bottom Banger, and on top of our 35mm Clear Rounded Bottom Banger. Try one today and see what you think!

Product Details:

  • Works Great on Our 25mm30mm, & 35mm Bangers!
  • Spreads and Rotates Your Oil to Ensure Even and Complete Vaporization
  • Riptide Inspired, Mega Incoming Airflow Vortex
  • Will Spin Pearls Well - Pair With Our Trifecta or Reborn Precision Rigs
  • Often Used with 3-4 Terp (Dab) Pearls

*The colors you see in our images may vary some to what you'll receive with your order due to the nature of photography, individual color perceptions, and production color variability in our stock.

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