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Foam Over Swabs

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Description for Part Number 6358

Get your dab station up to speed with these highest-quality polyurethane foam over cotton swab packs! The polyurethane sheath over the lint-free cotton acts as a very gentle abrasive pad making your banger and terp slurper cleaning a breeze. These are poised on 6" sturdy wooden sticks that biodegrade naturally when disposed of. Our Dab Tool Stand does a great job of keeping these organized along with a tool or other lint-free cotton swabs as pictured. These will clean your terp slurpers and bangers very well, are long-lasting, and can be used multiple times.

Product Details:

  • Includes A Bag Of (10)
  • A Polyurethane Foam Sheath Over Lint-Free Cotton Swabs
  • Gently Abrasive
  • Absorbs Isopropyl Alcohol Well
  • Lint-Free Cotton Tip
  • 6" Sturdy, Naturally Biodegradable Wooden Handle
  • Made In the USA
  • Does NOT Include the Pictured Dab Tool StandPuritan 3" Lint Free Cotton Swabs, Or Terp Slurper!

*Pictured cleaning a Terp Slurper, and in our, Dab Tool Stand with our Puritan 3" Lint Free Cotton Swabs standing by.

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