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Description for Part Number WHP1

10 Full Torch Dabbing Kits!

This Wholesaler Pack comes with ten full torch dabbing kits; all that's needed are torches and wax! Multiple rigs, bangers, reclaim catchers, caps, pearls, and mats!

After our Dabbing Wholesaler Logo, you'll see one image of each included product in the same order as the list below, with the included quantity count on the images. You can also click the item hyperlinks to see each item on our new wholesaling site. Feel free to shop directly at our new wholesale site and pick out precisely what you'd like; click here to make an account.

Our automatic discounts & other discount codes DO NOT APPLY on Wholesale Hustler Packs. This Wholesale Hustler Pack is already at rock bottom, wholesale rates!

Maybe you have a few friends who want to go in on this with you, or perhaps you want to start a dorm room smoke shop? Keep some, resell some? Hook the homies up? Whatever your reasoning, we're down to hook you up!

If you don't like this Wholesale Hustler Pack item configuration, no worries; head over to our new wholesale site. Quickly create an account to view the item prices and to make an order! Minimum orders are $400 with a $25 shipping and handling fee. It's quick and easy, and we're not checking your "papers" to approve an account to provide you with deep wholesale pricing.

This purchase includes:

(All included rigs have 14mm female joints, and all quartz bangers and reclaim catchers have 14mm male joints. The reclaim catchers are 14mm male, too, with a 14mm receiving joint on top.)

Dab Rigs

(X2) Commander Can Dab Rig - ($23.85 each) X2 ($47.70 total cost)
(X3) Shower Perc Dab Rig - ($20.75 each) X3 ($62.25 total cost)
(X4) Mini Dab Rig - ($9.65 each) X4 ($38.60 total cost)
(X1) Triple Double Recycler Dab Rig - ($37.15 each) X1 ($37.15 total cost)

Reclaim Catchers

(X5) Compact Reclaim Catcher 90° - ($6.95 each) X5 ($34.75 total cost)
(X5) Reclaim Catcher 90° - ($7.95 each) X5 ($39.75 total cost)

Quartz Bangers

(X2) Terp Slurper Quartz Banger - ($6.85 each) X2 ($13.70 total cost)
(X3) 25mm Clear Bottom Quartz Banger - ($6.50 each) X3 ($19.50 total cost)
(X3) 25mm Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger - ($6.50 each) X3 ($19.50 total cost)
(X3) 25mm Handmade Joint Clear Bottom Banger - ($7.85 each) X2 ($15.70 total cost)

Carb Caps

(X5) Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap (3 Colors X1, X2 Clear) - ($6.25 each) X5 ($31.25 total cost)
(X3) Royal Bubble Carb Cap (colors shown) - ($3.60 each) X3 ($10.80 total cost)

Inserts/Terp (Dab) Pearls

(X3) 6mm Blue Crystal Terp (Dab) Pearls (2 Pearls) - ($2.50 each) X3 ($7.50 total cost)
(X2) 6mm Ruby Terp (Dab) Pearls (2 Pearls) - ($2.00 each) X2 ($4.00 total cost)
(X3) 6mm Quartz Terp (Dab) Pearls (2 Pearls) - ($1.50 each) X3 ($4.50 total cost)(X2) Terp Slurper Marble Set  (colors shown) - ($8.75 each) X2 ($17.50 total cost)

(X10) Round Dab Mat - Dabbing Wholesaler Logo (colors shown) - ($3.00 each) X10 ($30 total cost)

The combined total item costs for this hustler pack come to $435.15, but we need to add a $25 shipping and handling fee (this e-commerce site will not apply this fee automatically as our Dabbing Wholesaler site does, so it is added to the cost of this pack. So, with that fee added, your final cost on this wholesale pack is $460.15.

If you live in California, you'll be assessed state and county tax per regulations.

Email Andy with questions about this Wholesale Hustler Pack or about doing wholesale business with our new operation, Dabbing Wholesaler.

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