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Glycerin Downstem

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Description for Part Number 7115

Cooling Glycerin Downstem

Not only can you convert that old 18mm female pipe joint rig or bong into a handier 14mm female pipe joint, but you can also cool down your rips at the same time! This glycerin-cooling downstem slides into an 18mm Female joint and converts it into a 14mm female joint. Keep this glycerin downstem in the freezer until you are ready to use it, and no need to worry, the glycerin stays liquid when frozen so it won't crack the piece. We only stock these in 18mm Male to 14mm female. Super solid construction!

Product Details:

  • 18mm Male to 14mm Female
  • Converts an 18mm Female Pipe Joint Into a 14mm Female Pipe Joint
  • Glycerin Cooling Chamber
  • Glycerin Stays Liquid When Frozen
  • 18mm Male to 14mm Female ONLY
  • Slides into an 18mm Female Joint-Receives a 14mm Male Banger
  • 4.5 Inches Long (From the Inner Lip to the bottom)

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