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Description for Part Number 6194

Flat Top Quartz Banger

This banger is a tremendous short bucket banger! It has a nice flat top and a slightly rounded bottom to keep the oil pooled together. The depth of the bucket is only 3mm greater than the outside diameter of the bucket at 24mm. Although it's not a teacup, this nifty little banger is short and stout!

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Flat Top
  • OD 24mm / ID 19.5mm / Inside Bucket Depth 25mm
  • 2mm Thick Square Bottom Or Slightly Rounded Bottom [You Choose]
  • You Choose the Bucket Style & the Type & Size of the Joint

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Best Bucket on the Market

The top bucket among all my bangers;could not believe how fast it is.My thermal is not as fast as this Honey Bucket in start ups.If you look at the price alone at 13.00 it can't be beat.Great job guys I will always check my Dabbing Warehouse first if I need any more items. Happy Trails

Don, we're happy that you're happy! These are a great value and super functional. Durable too! We appreciate your business Don, and thanks for telling your people about us as well.