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25mm Quartz Banger - Opaque Bottom - Electro Plated

25mm Quartz Banger - Beveled Edge - Opaque Bottom - Electro Plated

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Description for Part Number 6248

This fashionable 25mm quartz banger has all of the normal great functionality of an opaque bottom banger, combined with an eye-catching electro-plated finish on the exterior. We suggest that you use this with Terp Pearls. The electro-plated changing rainbow finish is fun to gaze at from different angles!

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Flat-Top, Beveled Edge
  • 4mm Thick Heat Retaining Opaque Bottom
  • Electro-Plated External Finish
  • Clear Joint
  • 14mm Male ONLY
  • You Choose a 90 Degree or 45 Degree Neck