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Description for Part Number 7106

14mm Male 5-Hole Flower Bowl Slide

The Dabbing Specialists present a Flower Bowl Slide with five holes for flower lovers. The five holes create a “vortex” effect for increased airflow, which is superior to the single-hole design, which just funnels the heat. The added holes allow heat to be pulled with equal pressure throughout the slide, with a stronger velocity.

Customer Reviews

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Super Solid $5 5-hole

I ordered 3 and they all fit perfectly. HIgh quality, very low price. I thought the bowl was on the small side, but after using I like it. I don't like to pack big bowls (prefer to hit fresh herb, and i'm not sharing rigs these days) and these are much easier to empty/ clean the bowl.
Arrived in 3 days, boxed and they are packed for resale if that's your thing.

We're thankful for your review and business. Thanks for sharing your satisfaction!

Midnight Toker
Buy More of these than you think you need

I bought several of these as part of a larger order to take advantage of the free shipping threshold. Since then, I've given two away and broken one and now I'm buying more! Everyone asks me where I bought it...and are shocked at how reasonable it was. At this price, buy two...if you think you need two, buy four...give one to your friends, and keep one in reserve in case you break one.

I've had so many bowls in my life...expensive ones, fancy ones, pretty ones, ugly ones. This one, at least for just flower, is the best I've found. Instead of just one funneled hole where the ash gets sucked down into the water, this has five small holes to diffuse the heat and smoke, while preventing that lump of mostly burned ash from getting sucked down the stem into the water to gum up the percs.

Such a simple design, and no, it doesn't look fancy at all, but if practicality and performance is what you're after, this wont let you down...just do yourself a favor and at least buy one more than you'd planned to...you'll thank me later!

Midnight Toker, we really appreciate your well crafted and fun to read review! We're happy you're finding value in what we do and that this product specifically is exceeding your expectations. As you note, practicality and performance is where it's at!