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"Arty" Coil Heating Station

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Description for Part Number 1022

"Arty" is short for articulated. With an articulated coil heater, we can change how we dab for the better. An articulated coil heating station can elevate your sessions whether you're a torch dabber or an e-nail user. Place your heating station comfortably away from where you will sit and take your dab. Once it's hot and ready, carefully pluck your banger from the heating station using the cool joint and carry it to your rig. Remember to place a clean banger in its place if your friend is waiting or you're doing back-to-back dabs. A heating station is all about freedom of use and movement!

No Torch | No Tether | All Better

Freedom From: Tethers (cords), hunching over, restricted movement (tied to a box), your tether knocking things over, and torches, flame, butane, burns, & noise!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Heating Station E-Nail Controller [Assembled in the USA]
  • (1) 25mm or 30mm Articulated Coil Heater
  • (1) 25mm Full Weld Banger Pack or 30mm Terp E-Slurper Pack-14mm Male [Banger, Cap, Inserts]
  • (1) 6 Foot Long Power Cord

All You Will Need Is A Female Rig & Wax!

No more buying endless cans of butane and burning that money. No more hunching over, tethered to a cord with limited movement capabilities, and knocking things over! We're free of the hassles of the old ways. Taking back-to-back dabs works very well on your own or within a group!

    Do you have multiple quartz bangers? Would you like a clean, hot, and ready quartz banger waiting for you immediately after your dab? Are you tired of troublesome clips, springs, and using green, bread twist ties to secure your old e-bangers? Would you prefer to use any banger rather than just using e-bangers with posts and side-arms?

      WARNING: The heating element gets very hot! Keep away from children and pets. Do not walk away, leaving the unit unattended. For the utmost safety, we recommend turning off your heating station if you are not near the device in your home. Use with Caution!

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