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Coil Heater Splitter for Enails

Coil Heater Splitter for Enails

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Description for Part Number 5151

  • Run 2 Dab Stations Simultaneously with 1 Enail!
  • Works with TDS Enails - P/N 510451055106
  • Works with TDS Heater Coils P/N 6701 Flat, 6702 16mm, 6703 20mm
  • The connection mode of enails produced by each supplier is different, and the coil we produce is the connection mode corresponding to our enails. If you want to connect with other enails, it will not work, unless you have an XLR connection
  • High Strength Kevlar Sleeve
  • Imported

    Collections: All Products, Enails & Accessories

    Type: Enail