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Commander 16mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit

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Description for Part Number 1096

The Commander 16mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit is a solid start for a brand-new dabber and also an excellent upgrade for a veteran! We've included a protectively thick, authentic moodmat for your base station. This protects your dab rig from the bumps and shocks created during use. The Clear Commander Dab Rig has a very thick and heavy base, lots of airflow, and is generally pleasant to use. Choose our wood grain, blue, red, or black finish for your enail controller. The rectangular prism form factor is strategically small and modern. Pack the head unit, heater coil, power cord, and accessories in the handy mobile case when traveling or on the go!

Kit Includes:

*Please note, in the case images, a 25mm heater coil is shown. Rest assured, this kit comes with a 16mm heater coil!


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