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Description for Part Number 3220

Control Tower Quartz Banger

Would you look at the quartz runway on this one, holy smokes! Talk about a lot of hot, vast real estate potential to maximize every dab! Add a quartz pillar, cap the top with a 16mm marble, and enjoy the buzzing noise of a high RPM pillar roaring up cyclically and annihilating big dabs. The lengthy quartz VacTube™ column combined with the super-rotating and rising quartz pillar will get your wax vaped in no time. Losing wax down this neck, nah, not likely. We're testing this Control Tower Quartz Banger daily! This control tower is outfitted as a kit for your pleasure. Here's a padded hard shell case for this large banger, too!

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Thick 2.5mm Walls
  • Fully Welded Joint
  • Top Bucket: 16mm OD
  • Total Height:  85mm
  • Long VacTube™ 62mm Tall
  • VacTube™ Barrel OD: 16mm Wide
  • VacTube™ Barrel ID: 11mm Wide
  • Tray Diameter: 30mm
  • (3) Aggressive Airflow Slits
  • Beveled-Edge Flat Top
  • Frosted Joint
  • 14mm Male ONLY

"Control Tower, tds710, holding short at runway 420, over."----"tds710, Control Tower, Fly heading two three zero, Runway four two zero cleared for takeoff!”

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