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Description for Part Number 6652

Damascus Steel Dab Knife

Carve out and serve your dabs with legendary style using one of these custom-made Damascus Steel Dab Knives! Those familiar with ancient and modern metallurgical practices understand why Damascus Steel is valuable and sought after. It is solid, molecularly pure, and very durable. Due to the multiple layers of steel used and how it is sculpted, a distinctive pattern of banding and mottling appears, and a "water" like pattern forms on the steel's surface. The word "damas" is the root word for "watered" in Arabic, with "water" being "ma" in Arabic. In many languages, Damascus Steel is called "watered steel." These custom-formed dab knives are handcrafted to recreate the look and feel of a Japanese Katana sword. These are not mass-produced in a factory.

Product Details:

  • Overall length: 4.5"+ Inches
  • Handle Composition: 1.5" Long, Artfully Colored Resin, Brass Guard
  • Blade Composition: 3.0"+ Forged 1095 15n20 Damascus steel, HRC 58
  • Includes (1) Genuine Leather Scabbard
  • You'll Receive (1) Randomly From the Chosen Lot
  • Custom Made
  • Styled After Japanese Katana Swords
  • Learn More About Damascus Steel

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