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Description for Part Number 3212

Diamond Carb Cap (30mm)

This Diamond-Cut Carb Cap will significantly reduce airflow into the top of any banger between 16mm and 30mm. It is most sturdy perched on bangers with a 20mm head or larger. This faceted Diamond Carb Cap is not designed to spin pearls, but it looks incredible and caps off your cookware very well. Our purple, yellow, and green diamond cap has an etched Pikachu centered inside, our ruby red diamond cap has no inner etching, and our clear one has a wintery elk scene inside. These etched figures in the center are most noticeable when you rotate the diamond in your hand and rotate it in the light. If you're looking for the etched characters within, they're there; if not, you hardly notice them behind the brilliant shine and sparkles.

Product Description & Features:

  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • Multi-faceted Cuts
  • Shimmery & Beautiful
  • 30mm OD (Outside Diameter)
  • 20mm Tall

Ruby-No Inner Etching Clear-Wintery Elk Scene Purple/Yellow/Green-Pikachu

*Your Purchase Includes (1) Diamond Cut Carb Cap, ONLY!

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