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Diamond Knot Quartz Banger

Description for Part Number 6283

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  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • 14mm Male Available Only
  • 2mm Thick
  • Multiple Knots
  • Increased Heat Retention & Efficiency
  • For Torch Use Only
  • Pairs Perfectly With Our Banger Cap With Dabber
  • Pictured Banger Cap NOT Included
Quartz Bangers provide a distinctly clean flavored hit and good heat retention, especially this one! With multiple heat-retaining knots in the bottom, you can really master low temp dabs and maximize the flavor. Get the most from your wax by pairing this Diamond Knot Quartz Banger Nail with a carb cap dabber tool to cool the vapor and let you savor the tasty terpenes!


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