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Micro Sleeve Adapters

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Description for Part Number 7218

Use one of our micro-sleeve essential adapters to manage your dab tech. Connect bangers and attachments with ease and open up new possibilities. Switch between rigs with ease!

Product Details:

  • 180 Degree Micro Sleeve Essential Glass Adapters
  • Very Convenient
  • Easy Slip-In Use
  • Includes (1) Micro Sleeve Adapter ONLY

Currently, we stock a 14mm male x 10mm female (Accepts a 10mm male on top and graduates it to a 14mm male for use in a 14mm female pipe!) and an 18mm male x 14mm female (Accepts a 14mm male on top and graduates it to an 18mm male for use in an 18mm female pipe!). See our product images that show each matching up to a quartz banger.

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