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Portable Enail Dual Dabbing Kit

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Portable Enail Dual Dabbing Kit

Our Made in the USA Titanium is a must-try experience!

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Description for Part Number 5201

Engineered and Designed in the USA

Includes the Following Items:

  • (1) PN 5105 Portable Mini Enail
  • (1) PN 3102 Titanium Nail Adapter 18mm x 14mm Female (Made in the USA)
  • (2) PN 6115m Reborn Precision Mini Dual Bubbler (x2)
  • (1) PN 6203 14mm Female Quartz E-Banger for 20mm Coil
  • (1) PN 2502 Titanium Dish Fastener Screw (Made in the USA)
  • (1) PN 2501 Titanium Nail Dish (Made in the USA)
  • (1) PN 6301 Quartz Nail Dish
  • (1) PN 6701 Flat Coil Heater
  • (1) PN 6703 20mm Coil Heater
  • (1) PN 6304 Carb Cap Banger Bubble - Blue
  • (1) PN 6651 Carb Cap Lollipop with Dabber - Purple
  • (1) PN 5151 Coil Heater Splitter for Enails

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