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Hockey Puck Pipe

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Description for Part Number 6106

People love these pipes, and it's understandable! We've sold so many of these and often hear the same feedback. Super portable, great hits, and a very convenient form factor! We can barely keep these in stock. Grab one when you can!

Product Details:

  • This is a Water Pipe With Percolators
  • Thickness:  5mm Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass 
  • Height: 3.5” Tall
  • Base: 2.25” Dia
  • Butterscotch Colored Mouth Piece
  • This Is Small But Packs A Punch
  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled In the USA
  • Glass Joint: 10mm - Use with the dabbing specialists  P/N 3101 14mm x 10mm Titanium Enail Adapter Female Made In the USA  
  • Use with P/N 2101 the dabbing specialists' Custom 16 Hole Titanium Nail Made In the USA
  • Use with P/N 5101 the dabbing specialists' Custom Enail Made In the USA

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