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Description for Part Number 6341

Terp Dab Pearls

With terp pearls in your banger and a specialized airflow-spinning carp cap, these spheres can spin around and spread out your dabs for an even, regulated, lower-temperature dab. Even if you don't get them to spin, they hold on to the heat and increase the surface area for your wax to vaporize. If you'd like a great holder for these that also keeps your carb cap off the mat, click here!

  • Includes: (5) Terp Ball Dab Pearls, One of Each Color Shown
  • 6mm OD (Outside Diameter)
  • 100% Corundum Material (9 On the Mohs Hardness Scale)
  • Retains Heat Well

*Does not include the Carb Cap Stand/Dab Pearl Holder!

Customer Reviews

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Helen Maestas
Cool People Better Products

Recently bought a starter rig. Was suppose to receive the basic model, but I was quickly informed they were out of the banger I needed. A kind women offered up an upgrade for free and even threw in a couple dab pearls ! The rig hits like nothing I’ve had before. I’m impressed and pleased. Best $$ spent in a while.

Helen, we're really happy to hear that your rig is working like a champ! We appreciate your review, and especially appreciate having you as a our customer. Thanks for telling a friend!