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Pocket Beast Smoking Wand

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Description for Part Number 6917

Our photographer smokes a lot of flower and he needed a good roach clip; he's stoked with these well-crafted 2" wooden handled "smoking wands" created in the USA with US, sustainably harvested hardwood lumber. We thought you might enjoy these Mystic Timber smoking wands too!

  • 2" Handle
  • Purpleheart Wood
  • Rare-Earth Magnet
  • Superb Quality Roach Clip
  • USA Hardwood
  • Each One Is Unique

Description from the Mystic Timber website:

"Hands down the most popular of all the Beasts, our Pocket is the consummate smoking tool. Wider than any of our other handles and shorter, at a compact two inches, the pocket also mounts the smaller ’30’ clip and carries our trademark Mystic Timber tree on two sides. Finished with the same delicious feeling surface as the other beasts, this wand disappears in your pocket and is great both for solitary smoking and sharing with a small circle of friends. We like to say it fits any size hand."

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