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Portable Enail

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Description for Part Number 5105

This portable mini enail, or PID controller, is a durable beast that lasts our customers extremely well. We've sold many of these over the years and we hardly ever have problems with them, they're simple and mighty! We honor a solid 1-year warranty.

Product Details:

  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled In the USA (Imported)
  • 1-Year Full Warranty
  • Size: 2”H x 3.5”W x 5”L
  • 16mm Coil Heater 110V, 100W (Also Available With A 20mm Coil, 25mm Coil, 30mm Coil, or Flat Coil)
  • Hand Soldered Wire Connections
  • Special P.I.D. Temperature Controller
  • Set Temperature Range From 100 °F to 1,000 °F
  • 4-Foot Power Cord
  • On-Off Switch
  • Includes (2) Colorful Silicone Containers
  • Includes (1) Small Square Dab Mat
WARNING: The heating element gets very hot! Keep away from children and pets. Do not walk away while the unit is unattended. Use with Caution.

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