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Core Reactor Banger

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Description for Part Number 6233

10mm Female With Saucer Cap

This core reactor quartz banger features an extra thick bucket bottom panel in addition to a 'puck' of extra quartz called the core reactor. The core reactor 'puck' increases heat retention and improves the vaporization of your waxes and oils. Your concentrates will come in contact with more heated quartz ensuring complete, smooth vaporization. This flat-top core reactor quartz banger comes with an ideal UFO saucer carb cap for increased dabbing efficiency!

Product Details:

  • 100% Quartz
  • The Quartz Piece (the Core Reactor) At the Bottom Increases Heat Retention
  • Comes With A Colorful Flying Saucer Carb Cap (Only Recommended Carb Cap)
  • Flat Top Design
  • Fits 10mm Male Glass Joints