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Metal Flower Pipe

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Description for Part Number 7224

We probably should have put "vintage" in the name of this metal flower pipe, but If you smoked flower back in the 1980s, 90's, or early 2000s, then this pipe is going to bring back great memories! These pipes are perfect for mobile flower consumption and are small and discreet. They also get lost very easily under a messy passenger's seat in a pinch! Every part of this old-school metal flower pipe will come apart for complete disassembly, allowing you to clean it out well from time to time. The mini flower grinder is impressive, and also, this pipe kit comes with five replacement screens.

Product Details:

  • Compact Flower Smoking Pipe
  • Retro Styling
  • Included Metal Flower Grinder
  • (5) Rounded Silver Replacement Screens

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