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Ruby Slurper Marble - 25mm

Ruby Slurper Marble - 25mm

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Description for Part Number 6385

This 25mm Ruby Slurper Marble is a work of natural art. A perfectly sculpted genuine Ruby that lights up with a warm glow when exposed to bright light or the Sun. Pop the Ruby Slurper Marble on top of your Terp Slurper and add-in some Terp Pearls to bounce around the tray and liberate the terps within your oil. A fun everyday carry item for your friends to marvel at and to help one summon the warmth and wonderment that Ruby yields.

*Pictured on top of our Seamless Terp Slurper with (3) 4mm Ruby Terp (Dab) Pearls and a 12mm VacTube Slurper Ruby™.