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We've partnered with High Five Vape, a locally owned Los Angeles-based dabbing product manufacturer, to offer you some new electronic dabbing options. This kit comes out of the box ready for concentrates, but later, you can convert it to work for flower too, by swapping out the atomizer and easily updating the firmware. This product is very well made and is lots of fun to use. Super intuitive to use! See High Five Vape's information for the DUO below!

The Smartest E-Rig

"The High Five DUO is a revolutionary dual-purpose e-rig for concentrates and flowers/herbs. The DUO features separate and specifically dedicated heating systems for each type of material, convection for flowers/herbs, and conduction for concentrates, thus making it the only true dual-functional E-Rig on the market. The DUO is equipped with all the features & functionality that a premium e-rig should have, including durability, versatility, practicality, and maintainability. This device is perfect for beginners and connoisseurs alike. It is made for those who want to experience superior performance and peak efficiency with concentrates, CBD, and flower. The power and performance of a desktop setup can be anytime & anywhere in the palm of your hand."

What's Included:

1x DUO

1x Hex Key

1x Loading Tool

1x Quartz Bowl

1x Ceramic Bowl

1x Titanium Bowl

1x Directional Carb Cap

1x USB C Charging Wire

1x Borosilicate Mouthpiece

1x Concentrate Atomizer

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