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Description for Part Number 6193

Thermochromic Banger

This thermochromic quartz banger is a hit within our dab tribe. It's a thermal banger with an inner chamber that retains heat well. The color-changing crystals around the thermal chamber shift color from light to dark (yellow to red) as the banger temperatures heat up. When the color shifts from a bright yellow to a deep reddish, you know your quartz banger is ready for action. This dab tech gives you a handy visual to gauge your favorite temperature zone.

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Color Changing Temperature Gauging Quartz Crystals (Sand)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Better than expected

Apparently I’ve been using cheap dab nails in the past but I just used this thermo one and the hit was better than I’ve had in years. A bigger volume, a tastier hit, and an overall better smoking experience. I’m impressed and will never get bangers anywhere else. They shipped quickly too. Thank you!

Lisa, thanks for sharing, we’re happy to hear it!


Banger works great! It’s cool watching the color turn from orange to red.

We're happy you like it, thanks for the nice review!

Michael Noonan
Nice and heavy

Disclaimer I am COLOR BLIND.

I bought this in Hope I would be able to see the different color so I didnt have to time my dabs. Well guess what I can not see a difference in color but again I AM COLOR BLIND . The banger hits smooth and hard. It again is thicker than I was expecting. I have only had 3 dabs but starting out it is a good quality piece.

Michael, thanks for the review!