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Ash Catcher

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Description for Part Number 6398

Using this Wind Chime Ash Catcher between your banger and dab rig is beneficial. Some guy on social media even tried to make fun of us for dabbing with an ash catcher. The jokes on that clown! We're chasing after the perfect session, not minding some non-existent guidelines on what we can attach between our banger and dab rig.

The extra percolation and filtering make your pull really smooth and cool. Keeps your rig tidier!

Product Details:

  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Works With 14mm Male E-Bangers And Bangers Only
  • 14mm Male Joint (Connects to 14mm Female Pipe Joint)
  • An Extra Filtering and Percolation Chamber - Smoother & Cooler
  • Keeps Your Rig Cleaner

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