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30mm "Arty" Coil Heater

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Description for Part Number 6714 [Prototype]

Being tethered to a normal coil heater every time you dab isn't the way to go any longer. Free yourself up by setting up your first Heating Station. This is a session game-changer! Do you have two bangers? Would you like a clean, hot, and ready 30mm quartz banger waiting for you immediately after your dab? Are you tired of troublesome clips, springs, and using green, bread twist ties to secure your old e-bangers? Would you prefer to use any 30mm banger rather than just using e-bangers? Would you rather relax and take your dab without hunching over and worrying about a restrictive, standard coil heater? Are you a torch dabber tired of open flames and spending money on butane? If you answered yes to more than one of those questions, you know what to do.

End the old mayhem and convert your existing Dabbing Warehouse enail into a Heating Station, pronto! Don't wait; only very small quantities of this prototype are available to the public. We hope to receive feedback to continue improving our upcoming future versions. Join the fun!

This is the lowest cost that we will ever be able to sell these new coil heaters. Grab one now before the Version 1 Articulated Coil Heaters arrive.

  • Prototype Release - Version 1 In Production
  • High Strength Articulating Metallic Coil Heater
  • ID (Inside Diameter): 30.25mm
  • 110V, 100W, See Wire Diagram Image
  • Works with DW Enails - PN 5111PN 5105, PN 5104
  • Works with Our 30mm Bangers/E-Bangers [Perfect Fits: PN 6197, PN 1210]

Your purchase ONLY includes the 30mm metallic Articulated Coil Heater!

*Please ensure that no pets, children, or other physical entities can knock over or run into your heating station when it is on and in use. Also, set up the 30mm Articulated Coil Heater™, following the general pattern in our images. Test the stability of the coil heater before leaving it on with a 30mm quartz banger in place. Test slightly different configurations of it until you are satisfied and sure. For the utmost safety, we recommend turning off your heating station if you are not near the device in your home.

The connection mode of enails produced by each supplier/company is different, and the coil PIN pattern we produce is for the connection mode corresponding to our enails. If you want to connect with other enails, it will not work unless you need a matching XLR PIN pattern connection that matches our coil heaters and enails. View the PIN pattern diagram included in the images.

    WARNING: The heating element gets very hot! Keep away from children and pets. Do not walk away while the unit is unattended. Use with Caution! We're all adults here.

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