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Mini Hockey Puck & Hybrid Nail

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Description for Part Number 1322

This kit includes the following (2) products:

*You will also receive a free carb cap with dabber!

(1) PN 6402 Hybrid Quartz Enail 10/14mm Female Kit - Made in the USA

  • PN 3101 10mm & 14mm Female Enail Titanium Body
  • PN 2502 Short Titanium Dish Fastener
  • PN 6301 Quartz Dish


        (1) PN 6106 Mini Hockey Puck (ButterscotchTip) Pipe

        • This is a Water Pipe With Percolators
        • Thickness: 5mm Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass 
        • Height: 3.5” Tall
        • Base: 2.25” Dia.
        • Butterscotch Colored Mouthpiece
        • This Is Small, But Packs A Punch!
        • Glass Joint: 10mm Male

        *This kit does NOT include an enail, heater coil, or torch!